How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

Keeping a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system clean allows it to maintain the desired temperature easier. It results in better energy efficiency and leads to improved cost-effectiveness. Here at PNW Fresh Air, we can perform a complete air duct cleaning at an incredibly competitive rate. 

Air duct cleaning is a process that involves your private, commercial, or industrial air system’s complete purification. Lately, almost everyone uses their HVAC systems for nearly the entire day. The continuous usage makes them prone to contamination with particles of dust, pollen, and other debris. If moisture is present, some microbiological growth, such as mold, is also possible.   

These air ducts can also nurture all kinds of fungi, mildew, moss, and bacteria in the long run, and you may inhale these contaminants daily. With our quality air duct cleaning, we can let you enjoy clean air daily in no time.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

It begins with a visual examination of the ducts that lead to the return and supply registers. You can do this process by yourself to assess how much build-up there is in the ducts and confirm if the contractor properly cleaned it during the procedure. The technician also checks for leaks or kinks in the ductwork and decides which cleaning technique is adequate.

Afterward, the cleaning process takes place per the examination’s results.  The contractor arranges a vacuum collection unit to create negative air pressure in the air ducts, ensuring contaminants don’t spread throughout the house. When the technician finishes setting up the device, they begin agitating the ductwork walls to remove pollutants stuck on them.

Once the cleaning ends, a final walk-through inspection of the air ducts is necessary to ensure they’re thoroughly clean and that nothing was missed. 

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Most of the air we breathe comes from HVAC systems, so maintaining it clean can be crucial for your health. Breathing contaminated air may increase the risk of suffering from health problems such as congestion, allergic reactions, and rashes. If you want to ensure that you’re getting clean air, you should inspect the air ducts every two to three years.

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