Furnace / AC System Maintenance

FURNACE Maintenance

The best way to prevent high furnace repair costs is being proactive. Regular maintenance can extend the life of both the unit itself and its individual parts, reducing the risks for expensive repairs or even replacements.

Maintenance and repair starts with a full check up and analysis of the furnace.

Our furnace maintenance Inclueds inspection of:

  • Filte
  • rheat exchange( cleaning as well)
  • Gas flow/leak
  • Airflow
  • Motherboard
  • Wires
  • Blower motor
  • Thermostat
  • Sensors
  • Ignitor
  • Leak of carbon monoxide
  • Smooth sequence of
  • turning on/off

Our Price - $139

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Shabi Shavit From pnw fresh airHelp your furnace run better by cleaning it. Removing built-up dirt and dust helps air move through the system easier, requiring less energy (and money) to operate.

We perform a complete cleaning of all the major parts in the furnace like coil, blower motor, burners, blower motor cage.

Our Price - $119

AC Cleaning + Maintenance - $149

Furnace System Maintenance + FURNACE CLEANING

Furnace maintenance & cleaning are crucial annual inspections, that are performed in order to ensure our furnace is running safely & efficiently. The inspections entail thorough cleaning, identification & mending malfunctions, while it’s still early enough to have them fixed.

Our furnace is our best way of keeping warm over the winter. Continual use makes it very susceptible to the accumulation of poisonous agents. Consequently, we end up inhaling polluted air daily. Without a meticulous inspection, these agents could keep accumulating till eventually, it’ll end up blocking our furnace’s air ducts, & causing serious harm to the systems & to ourselves.
Proper furnace maintenance & cleaning will provide our home with a stable & safe heating system. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll enjoy clean & consistent airflow, at any time of day.

Furnace cleaning will benefit your life

Imperative to our health

We must remember that our furnace is a flammable heating method. If our furnace isn’t thoroughly cleaned annually, the accumulation of gas – could become deadly. By keeping up with our inspections, we’re making sure that no fire or gas leak could breakout out of the blue & keeping our household & family safe & sound.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that dust, bacteria & all sorts of dirt are damaging to our health. Constant inhalation of infected air could cause many health problems & worsen existing raspatory problems, such as allergic reactions, bronchitis or asthma.

By maintaining our furnace clean as a whistle, we prevent the accumulation of dust, dust mites, pollen, dander, pet hair, animal feces, poisonous gas, bacteria, fungi, mildew & moss. Therefore, we protect ourselves & our household from these harmful agents, which would’ve been inhaled through your nose daily.

Highly economical

Keeping our furnace clean & safe is also beneficial for our pockets: consistent cleaning will postpone the wear-and-tear of our sturdy furnace & its parts. Moreover, careful maintenance will reveal malfunctions early on, so well-experienced technicians could fix them in a jiff, & before the damage is too bad.

By doing so, we’ll be able to use it for many years to come & save a lot of money on parts & replacements.

Furnace maintenance & cleaning entails:

  • Thorough cleaning of the blower motor, heating exchanger, ducts & combustion chamber assembly
  • Testing blower motor & heat exchanger capabilities, gas pressure, thermostat & controls accuracy & combustion chamber assembly
  • Measuring optimal airflow
  • Detection loose wires & false electrical connections
  • Inspection of poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide (C=O), gas leaks & blockages