All you need to know about Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is somewhat comforting to know that instead of going through the trouble of hanging your wash to dry out in the sun and hope for the best, you can simply throw it in the dryer And let the machine do the heavy lifting.

With that said, it is safe to say that the Dryer is unarguably one of the most essential utility machines in any home, and being put to use almost on a daily basis.

So in order to keep this precious machine functioning well and also to avoid any hazards to your homes, it is important to maintain it properly.

What Happens if you don’t clean your Dryer Vent?

When Frequently used, Dryer vents tend to get clogged with dirt and micro clothing fibers, which naturally leads to low performance and excessive power usage which can then cause circuitry problems and even fire hazards if neglected. 

How will you know when it’s time to Clean your Dryer Vent? Watch for these signs:

  • Your Wash isn’t really dry after a full Dryer cycle has been completed. (Normal drying time takes up to 40 min.)
  • Clothing is extremely hot when taken out of the dryer.
  • Excessive heat in the Room where the Dryer is being placed.
  • The machine is noisier than usual.
  • And Of Course, visible signs of Debris and Lint in the dryer filters

How often should a Dryer vent be cleaned?

The general rule of thumb is once a year, But in larger households, it can even be every few months. 

Can I clean the dryer vent myself? 

You sure can, You can even reach for the stars if you set your mind to it, But remaining down to earth, There is only little you can do unless you own the proper tools and machinery for an in-depth clean.

It takes Special Brushes that won’t damage the vents, and Strong air pressure to properly remove the dirt.

Call the Cleaning Dryer Vents Squad!

Truth Be told, There aren’t many who will pull up their sleeves and get dirty. More so going through the trouble of spending time and money getting the right gear.

On the other hand, we are  ALL in need of a good functioning Dryer, and Calling A professional to do it for you will ensure a long lasting high-performance machine and the headache of replacing it or god forbid something worse.