Air-duct Cleaning In your New Apartment


You just moved to a nicer house and you might even get a good deal for it.

Good chances are that the previous owners haven’t exactly rushed into full maintenance inspections on the property before handing you the keys…

So before you rush into unpacking…Be Sure to use this rather rare opportunity and get your Air Duct system sparkling clean.

New Beginnings

As we might have mentioned before in one of our previous Articles 

(Link to the First Article) 

Air Duct cleaning is something to consider every 3-5 years.

The amount of dust we generate on a daily basis with our every move is simply piling up in the air duct system, and can cause over time to:

  • Extensive power usage
  • Polluted Air.
  • System Malfunction

Periodic cleaning is a must in order to get your system running smoothly, And efficiently.

Opportunities come once in a lifetime.

(Or in our case it comes once every time we move to a new house)

Usually, when preparing for Air duct cleaning, There is a lot of preparation happening before the actual cleaning starts.

  • Furniture is being moved away or being covered for protection.
  • Heavy Air Duct Machinery is being ruled into the house.

So now that the house is empty, You should probably use this rare opportunity and do this important task that otherwise will take a whole lot of energy later down the road.

Be sure to check with the previous owners when was the last time 

(if ever )that they cleaned the system.



It won’t be a bad idea to schedule an air duct service before calling the moving company.

Now when this is out of the way

Call our Air Duct Service company and we will make sure you and your loved ones get the best possible start in this new exciting chapter.

We use the most advanced cleaning tools and techniques up to date, and take great pride in the results we can provide, So be sure that you are placing your Air Duct System in good hands.

We are happy to be at your service

Thank you for reading and good luck!